Borderline Personality Disorder

Stability Starts Here

Feeling completely alone and out of control?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can make you feel tired of the never-ending crises. You’ve felt like this has been an issue your entire life.

You're having a hard time keeping relationships, the ones you do have are out of control, your emotions seem to run the day and you feel like you’ve tried it all.

And what feels worse is that it seems like nothing’s helped your BPD.

Now you feel trapped and not sure what to do.
That fear of being trapped itself can lead to more feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.

You’re not alone in this feeling. In fact, the way you feel can change dramatically, it just takes the right fit to make it happen

Figuring BPD out on our own while feeling isolated and abandoned is tough...

Trying to find the path to “calm down” on your own is tough. When you’re in your head, it’s hard to get an outside perspective.

Trying to navigate out of this black and white thinking that stokes the fire of your emotions can seem like a hopeless effort.

We end up getting even more stuck in our heads, feeling like we’re lost in a storm and losing hope that things can get better.

Individual therapy can help BPD

Therapy is a way of finding and creating your own shelters from the different storms in your life.

Picture being stuck in a thunderstorm; your therapist can walk with you to test which rain boots and umbrellas would best weather your storms.

From there, they can guide you to finding or building shelters from the storm to create a safe place the next time it rains.

Giving you the tools to tackle your own storms and creating a life that has safe shelters to withstand the storms, sets you up for future of independence, self-sufficiency, and success.

Safety, comfort, and connection is possible.

My goal is your goal. To ensure that you are able to build and maintain a life that brings you comfort, safety and stability.

Through therapy, you can find the skills that match your experience and find effective strategies to implement them in your life

The end result:

● You can create a deeper, more meaningful and long lasting connections

● You can feel more stable and in control of your emotions

● You can gain the tools to manage the distress

I know that, at this moment, things can feel bleak, but I can help you start to make the steps towards life safe from the storm.
I can help you attain feelings of calm, of stability, and the skills to carry with you to handle it independently so that you can walk towards feelings of security in yourself and your abilities.

So if you’re tired of being caught up in the storm, if you're ready to have the tools to feel better, then I’m here to help.

Reach out today and let’s get started.

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