Mariya Sytnyk, MSW, RSW.

About Me

How I got started in therapy…

My journey with therapy started on your side of the screen. As an individual who has lived experience with mental illness, my passion for validating, empathic treatment was further emphasized by the privilege to witness resilience, hope, strength, and recovery in the people I have worked with. I am always inspired by the human will to persevere and strive for growth.

My background experience

  • Counseling and case management with 2SLGBTQ+ and HIV+ folx in downtown Toronto
  • Counseling and case management with incarcerated male-identifying folx in maximum security corrections
  • Counseling and case management for Russian-speaking Holocaust survivors
  • Facilitating DBT-Skills support groups in community for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Individual, family, and couples counselling for individuals surviving acute trauma resulting from Motor Vehicle Accidents

What do I do when I’m not doing therapy?

  • I'm usually playing with my three cats. I'm more than happy to show them off!
  • I’m spending time with my wife
  • I'm usually playing video games - I love a good fantasy RPG.
  • I also love a good book or documentary - especially true crime!

Taking the first step

I know it can feel like you’re in a tough spot right now, I've been there as well. But if you’ve read over this, if you’ve resonated with what’s here, then I’d highly recommend you reach out for therapy. 

Even if not me then with another therapist.

Getting your mind back to the right state can be the most important thing you do in your life, as it completely changes your perspective on the world.

And I’d be happy to help guide you through it.

You can book a time to chat with me below and I can’t wait to start working with you!

To get started, click the button below or give me a call at

(289) 809-1009, and let’s get begin on your journey!