Individual Therapy in Ontario & Alberta

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Feeling completely alone and lost?

You're not used to having this level of stress. You’ve obviously experienced some before you know that this is well beyond the pale.

You're not sleeping at night, your bowels feel like a mess. You’ve become extremely irritable and feel ready to pounce any minute.

And what feels worse is that you don't see a way to calm down. Vacation isn't an option, getting away from people isn’t either. 

Now you feel stuck and not sure what to do.

That fear of being trapped itself can lead to more feelings of anxiety, overwhelm or even depression.

But you’re not alone in this feeling. In fact, the way you feel can change dramatically, it just takes the right guide to make it happen.

Figuring out things on our own is tough.

Trying to navigate this and find the path to calm on your own is tough. When you’re in your head, it’s hard to get an outside perspective.

Trying to navigate out of this stress alone can simply lead to more stress as you start to overthink if it isn’t working.

We end up getting even more stuck in our heads, feeling like we’re lost in a maze and losing hope that things can get better.

Individual therapy can be the solution.

Therapy is a way of getting a better view of the situation.

Picture like you're stuck in a hedge maze; your therapist is sitting on a ledge far above and can see exactly where you’re getting stuck.

From that point, I can guide you to finding your way out of the emotional maze and into freedom.

With just you and me in the room, you can voice out what has been happening on the inside and put it into actual words, for potentially the first time ever.

By voicing it aloud, we no longer have to resist it on the inside. And what we stop resisting, stops persisting.

It's time for transformation.

My goal is very simple, to get you back on track and feeling better quickly. Through therapy, you can leverage my years of experience helping people to find true inner peace, to get back on the right path.

The end result?

  • You can create a deeper inner transformation
  • You can get feeling better quickly
  • You get a complete road map to make it happen

I know that in this moment things can feel bleak, but I can help you take that first step.

I can help you attain feelings of calm, of self fulfillment so you can get on the upwards path and wake each day feeling confident in yourself and your abilities. 

So if you’re tired of trying to figure things out on your own, if you're ready to have the roadmap to feeling better, then I’m here to help.

To get started, click the button below to schedule a consultation with me and let's get started on your journey!