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Websites Worth Exploring

  • DBT Self-Help: A treasure trove of information and printable resources, this website offers DBT worksheets, skill descriptions, and practical tips to aid you in managing emotions and fostering resilience.
  • The Highly Sensitive Person: A website dedicated to Elaine Aron’s concept of the Highly Sensitive Person.
  • DBT Skills: a Tumblr blog dedicated to making DBT skills more accessible to all.

Embark on your journey towards emotional wellness with our DBT Resources. Remember, building emotional resilience takes time, practice, and patience. But with the right tools and support, you can lead a more fulfilling life. Start exploring these resources today and take a step closer to a balanced and harmonious you!

Recommended Apps

DBT Trivia & Quiz

We really enjoy using this app especially when waiting around in airports, at the doctor’s office, or feeling bored! It is fun and entertaining and helps you improve your DBT skills and knowledge. The app is set up like a video game and quizzes on all four of the DBT modules.

Dbt911 for Android

This is a pretty good app for Android devices and not dissimilar to the DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach. It offers users a diary card feature which can be emailed in PDF format to your therapist or printed out to bring to session. It is free too.

DBT Coach

Learn and practice DBT skills using video lessons and fun animations which helps you to remember skills longer. Features over 100 videos and 200+ animations. You can also take notes on these lessons for future use. User friendly diary card for skills and target behaviors. Track your progress on how you are doing and get motivated to obtain new skills.

DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach

This is one of our favorite and most comprehensive DBT apps for IPhone users. It offers a customizable diary card that targets the behaviors you want to decrease or increase, offers charts and graphs on your progress, has a reference section, and coaching help on how and when to use skills. You can also email your diary card to your therapist prior to your next session. The app costs about $5.00.

Simple DBT Skills Diary Card

This app gets some good reviews. A Daily Log for each day with 28 skills, as well as descriptions and examples of each skill. A notification reminder allows you to set to times to practice your skills and fill out your daily diary card. You can also email your diary cards and communicate with your therapist via this app.

Balance App

Balance is an innovative, personalized meditation experience that helps people improve their stress, sleep, focus, mood, and more. The app boasts a category-leading 4.9-star rating on the Apple App Store, and it won Google's Best App award.

Must-Read Books

  • This is Not the End: Conversations on Borderline Personality Disorder edited by Tabetha Martin

    A unique collection of interviews and first-hand stories from other people who have struggled with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It also includes insight from their loved ones – partners, friends, family members, etc., as well as mental health professionals. Edited by mental health advocate Tabetha Martin, This Is Not the End is honest, inspiring, and at times, difficult to read. It doesn’t shy away from the painful realities of BPD. In addition to real-life stories and personal essays, this book includes an overview of diagnosis and treatment methods.
  • The Way She Feels: My Life on the Borderline in Pictures and Pieces by Courtney Cook

    If you’re looking to know that you’re not alone with your BPD, you’ll appreciate Courtney Cook’s illustrated memoir on her life. Diagnosed with BPD, she reflects on how it’s changed her life: the therapy, the hospitalizations, treatments, and more. It’s also about the joy she found in the little things, like her favorite color or how much she loves mini corn dogs. BPD can be intimidating, but Cook’s book helps it feel a little more human.

Disclaimer: While DBT resources can be beneficial, they are not a substitute for professional mental health treatment. If you are experiencing severe emotional distress or mental health issues, we encourage you to seek the guidance of a qualified mental health professional.