Complex Trauma

Healing Starts Here

Out of Control Emotions.
Feeling Constantly Triggered. An Inability to Cope with the Past.

It feels like everything you’ve been through weighs on you in everything you do, every day.

It feels like you’re constantly fighting your past and present with no future in sight...

No matter what techniques you try, whether you try to face the trauma or numb it, it just doesn’t seem to get any better.

You feel sick of the intrusive memories of your trauma, being seemingly randomly triggered, and feeling like you’re chained to your past.

You may have had thoughts like...

“Why can’t I just get a break from the past?”

“Will I ever be able to live life without the constant reminders of the past?”

“Is this pain ever going to stop?”

If you feel like this every day, then it can feel like emotional dysregulation, shame and guilt about the past is ruining your present and robbing you of a future. You’re exhausted from fluctuating between chaotic emotions and inescapable numbness, and it’s tough living like this…

You know you want to get better but aren’t sure how. What's at stake is important, a life free of the constant presence of the trauma and conflict, as well as succumbing to the same patterns and over and that prevent you from enjoying life.

The truth is that if you can commit to taking the right action, then you can find the path to healing that lets you build a life you can enjoy each day.

Drastic change is truly possible, and therapy can help make it happen.

Don’t I have to forgive and forget in order to move on from trauma?

Nope! Trauma work does not always involve sharing every detail of what happened and forgiving the past if it isn’t something that wouldn’t help you in your journey towards healing and safety. It is important to acknowledge that you have survived the past and are ready to learn skills for the present.

We work on acknowledging your triggers and ensuring that you have the skills necessary to observe the events of the past without the escalation into a storm of flashbacks.

We’re constantly trying to catch up with the ghosts of emotions inside of us, the memories about the past, and our unhelpful patterns making us unable to live in the present in a safe way.

All the memories of our past take us out of the present moment, and that prevents us from enjoying the present moment.

When we live in this heightened state of fear, our body enters a state of survival, of flight, freeze, or flight, and that creates this constant tension.

I Am Here to Help

Therapy will give you the tools to tackle the immediate distress so you can feel immediate calm.

From there we look to understand how the past affects your present, and look to build on the necessary skills to have the future you want. So you can feel in control again.

When we heal the past, we now have confidence to deal with the present. No more chaos. No more dysregulation. No more feeling out of control. You can feel confident going through life again.

By bringing awareness to triggers that create mood swings and overwhelming shame, we can figure out the most appropriate interventions and skills to help you get out of feeling numb.

A sense of stability and acceptance comes over as we realize we’ve come to a state of feeling in control over our past

Feeling Free as we Look Forward

Now you can enjoy each day without the looming memories of the trauma or the triggers that bring it all back.

You can wake up looking forward to your day while feeling confident that you will be able to deal with the triggers that can remind you of the past.

But we also go one step further and give you the tools so that you can build a life that is separate from the trauma of your past and don’t have to worry about having another intrusive episode that has to be numbed.

With that, you can live life safely.

It’s time for change.

If you’re ready to experience that change, if you’re ready to live a life feeling safe again, then I’m ready to help you on your path.

I know it can feel difficult to reach out, but it can be the first step on the path to your healing.

I’m looking forward to walking with you to make it happen.

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