Melissa Walker, MSW, RSW.

About Me

How I got started in therapy…

I have worked in the field of social services for about 11 years now. I have supported folx in navigating the complex mental health system in Ontario, as well as with their mental health and substance misuse. As a social worker, and someone who lives with mental health challenges, I’ve found that real changes happen inside of you first and foremost. I want to be the catalyst for that change, and support folkx in living a life that they are happy with, no matter what that looks like.

I'm also a Neurodivergent, Non-Binary and Queer therapist!

My background experience

  • Counseling and case management with those who live with concurrent disorders, complex mental health challenges such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety as well as substance misuse.
  • Training and experience using CBT, ACT and elements of DBT therapy.
  • Counselling with people from the 2LGBTQ+ community
  • Crisis support with individuals living with houselessness, food insecurity, domestic violence, and disability

What do I do when I’m not doing therapy?

  • I will usually be playing video games – anything from first person shooters, horror games, to fantasy games!
  • I'm probably working out! I love lifting weights, and running!
  • Listening to music! Music is a passion of mine, and you’ll probably see the two guitars on my wall in the background.
  • True crime – catch me watching/reading documentaries/books
  • You can also find me hanging out with my wife and our cats!

Taking the first step

I know it can feel like you’re in a tough spot right now, I've been there as well. But if you’ve read over this, if you’ve resonated with what’s here, then I’d highly recommend you reach out for therapy. 

Even if not me then with another therapist.

Getting your mind back to the right state can be the most important thing you do in your life, as it completely changes your perspective on the world.

And I’d be happy to help guide you through it.

You can book a time to chat with me below and I can’t wait to start working with you!

To get started, click the button below or give me a call at

(289) 809-1009, and let’s get begin on your journey!